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Semalt: Video Marketing As A Vital Strategy For Better SEO Rankings

In digital marketing, securing a robust online presence makes a firm authoritative especially on SERPs. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) helps organizations make this incredible step, especially when trying to fetch new clients online. SEO is all about making a website show up as one of the top result suggestions for any search query on a search engine. SEO involves tactics like keyword search, backlinking and creating relevant content which targets satisfying user intent.

Video marketing is another digital marketing technique which can also rank your page or website. Most well-established companies have found a lot of success in increasing their levels as well as creating a strong online company-visitors' relationship. For a given set of key words, websites which have videos present a 50% better chance of ranking before those who do not have a video.

Alexander Peresunko, the Customer Success Manager of Semalt Digital Services, shares the valuable practices to improve ranks of your pages by means of videos.

How Videos Improves Ranks of Your Pages

Video marketing affects the behavior of the Google algorithm in a variety of ways. Users may wonder how to make this happen or even how to make their videos rank through search engines. For instance:

Videos create backlinks to your website.

Videos create valuable content as well as making a user click call-to-action buttons within the user page. Backlinks enable the Google algorithm to prove the relevance of your content. As a result, they get a ranking priority giving your site an upper hand. One of the most effective tricks is creating video content with links pointing to it. Including a video code on your website automatically counts as a quality backlink.

Collecting emails in videos is an excellent tactic.

Users who provide an email after watching a video are potential leads which can convert. Videos can increase the Click Through Rates (CTR) of a URL up to 300%. More people are benefiting from Video marketing. The mobile friendly initiative is making video marketing mean a lot to Google. Furthermore, this tactic is free. Typical websites such as YouTube and Vimeo do not charge anything for users who may want to post a video for whichever the purpose.

Videos can rank.

Videos are content themselves, which have a chance to appear in the SERPs. It is essential to include keywords in your video naming and content as well as their description. Users share and comment on your video, an aspect which not only secures a possible following but also makes many websites rank. Social Media Marketing (SMM) techniques work well with ranking sites.


For any website getting clients online, becoming visible online is an advantage especially for the search engines. Video SEO has become a primary tactic for ranking websites. Many sites depend on videos for an appearance in some of the top most slots of a SERP. Entrepreneurs who are making online start-ups can make their websites rank well though including videos as one of the ways to post content. Using some tips above, you can make a successful SEO campaign by adding videos as an online marketing technique. Ranking your website is important especially when you are trying to become conspicuous online.

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